I can be reached during business hours USA Central Time (GMT -6:00). Your first session is always free. If we decide to enter a partnership further sessions can be arranged on retainer, by project or hourly.

In-person meetings must be scheduled in-advance. Mutually convenient diamond industry theaters are JCK Las Vegas, New York and Hong Kong Fairs and the China International Fair. Convenient music education events are the BOA Grand National Championships, DCI World Championships, MFA National Festival, MFA Summer Symposium and TMEA San Antonio.

My primary goal is continuous improvement designed to inform and elevate your business position. By looking across boundaries a multiplier effect may be realized by optimizing the sum of your collective parts, not just the individual pieces. Applying the Deming Cycle in this context has led to proven success; both during our discussions and afterward as the improvement plan we design evolves to become standard practice.

Below is a partial list of current and past partners with whom I have had the honor of collaboration.

Diamond industry

Music Education industry

Contact me to discuss cooperation.